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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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here every monday. >> let's check with tucker barns i think he is dancing a little bit didn't you like it. >> moving along a little bit sarah. >> alison big welcome back the you. a look at our current conditions satellite radar, moving on in cloud cover shower activity not far off to our north and west and guess what, we have a decent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, could use the rain dry around here last couple weeks let's keep our fingers crossed you want the time it out any time after 1 or 2 today, we have increasing chance for showers and thunderer storms in the forecast be ready for that. >> temperatures a little cooler than yesterday, still not much improvement but we will take low 90s afternoon highs, 83 regab national, 81 battle -- regan national 81 baltimore. your forecast today, partly sunny skies, more sunshine this morning more clouds this afternoon showers and thunderstorms arrive any time after 1 or 2 this afternoon.
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winds out of the west, 5 miles per hour your 5 day coming up in a couple minutes back to you. tucker thank you developing story first on fox 5 the missing baby boy from baltimore has been found safe in our area. police tell us the 7 month old was located in the 4600 block nanny hill and borrows avenue northeast he is said to be okay but just to make sure, everything is all right indeed he is at children's hospital police were also looking for the 16-year-old believed to have taken that boy she is in police custody, stacy cohen is at the children's hospital where a press conference with police is under way we will bring you more updates just as soon as they become vailable chef. >> louden county sheriffs investigating after a brazen home invasion this happened early saturday at a home on hidden grove court in ash burn a 21-year-old man opened his front door to men he thought
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were his friends at least two men barged in hit the man in the head with a blunt object rummaged through the house taking several items the victim was treated and released from a local hospital. developing in norway the peck in friday's -- suspect in friday's massacre is hearing the charges against him dozens of reporters are waiting outside the court for a chance to see him this man planned to plead not guilty and wanted to speak to the court to publicly explain why he killed almost 100 people the judge decided to hold a arraignment behind closed doors the 32-year-old admitted to carrying out the attacks but said they were necessary the first was a bombing downtown oslo that left 7 dead, and then he went on a shooting free at a camp for kids killing 86 most of them teenagers his lawyer explained he wanted to trigger an anti muslim revolution in norway they are looking at a 1500 page
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manifesto he posted on the internet he rambled on and on about muslims taking over european society. >> one of those killed at the camp was the step brother of the crown princess an off duty police officer. sarah. weekend is gone still no deal on what to do about the nations debt ceiling now the market saying your 401 k are set to react kelly wright with more from capitol hill where two possible plans appear to be in the works. >> reporter: as lawmakers struggle to find a compromise on the debt limit today signs that foreign markets are growing nervous. with eight days to go before the united states defaults on its loans no obvious plan in sight from washington global markets fell monday. >> we are running out of runway almost at the edge i never thought they would take it this close to the edge. >> republicans clashing with president obama and congressional democrats how to solve the nations borrowing problem democrats want a plan
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at that raises revenue and lasts until 2013 republicans pushing for spending cuts and short term debt limit extension. >> there was never any plan from the white house we laid out the framework and at some point they have to lay their cards on the table. >> with the tug 2nd -- august 2nd drop dead date looming, leaders from both sides formulated emergency plans to address the crisis in two steps first taking the impending default off the table then putting in place reforms to keep the country from ever getting to this place again. >> we need to do both those two things so congress can get more americans back to work. >> house speaker boehner warned his caucus republicans will have to make sacrificeharry reed warned democrats must make concessions to republicans kelly wright fox news. senior white house official says there is a 50/50 chance
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this will not be resolved by this time next week. >> congress failed to authorize funding and this morning the transportation secretary is holding a news conference to talk about 4,000 transportation workers are on furlough now the furloughs will not effect air traffic controllers, but they mean the faa is not collecting ticket taxes. >> all right you can get excited football fans nfl lock out could soon be over players executive committee is meeting in the district today and expected the vote in favour of a new cba if a player vote does come today team facilities would open wednesday they can get their physical, sign union cards, playbooks and no contracts can be signed until saturday when camps would open, if the nfl pa is back to being a union and agreement is approved. a second dc councilmember
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calling for colleague harry thomas junior to resign. she doesn't see how it is possible for thomas to serve effectively friday thomas agreed to settle a civil lawsuit with dc and pay back $300,000 in district money he is accused of spending city grants and charitable contributions on a luxury suv and vacation instead of youth activities. >> do you thing teens should have to be off the street by 11:00 p.m.? you will have a chance to have your say tomorrow montgomery county council will hold a public hearing on their proposed curfew for everyone under 18 forcing kids off the street from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. sunday through thursday and midnight to 5 on the weekends, the bill is aimed at reducing gang activity violence and crime the hearing is debt 1:30 p.m. tomorrow county council chambers. more pain at the pump aaa
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reporting gas prices have risen for the third straight week national average for a gallon of regular went up to $3.07 a gallon uncertainty within the economy is the culprit here. well, he is an accomplished actor and comedian did you know polarizers an accomplished musician. we will talk to him and the artist he collaborated for his latest project. they are both here live in studio coming up next. having problems meeting the mortgage or afraid economic hard times may put your home in jeopardy, a phone bank from 6 to 10:00 a.m. experts from emergency mortgage assistance program. they will have advice and answers on all kinds of mortgage issues if you live in virginia or the district they can refer you to people who can help you with your mortgage and housing problems no matter where you live we are back in a moment 7 minutes after the hour 
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♪[ music ] polarizers best known for his roles in movies like aliens, diner and mad about you but you probably didn't know he is an accomplished musician. maybe you did. he cowrote the mad about you theme song maybe you did know that his friendship with julia fordham lead them to collaborate on a number of songs which turned into the cd unusual suspects. that is the single you are listening to called unsung heros they are joining us this morning both paul riser and julia fordham good morning to both of you i am in the bad light now don't worry about it. >> you are a vision of loveliness >> they don't care about me
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they care about you all. >> it is lovely. >> that hasn't happened yet. >> untrue. okay so how did this happen? >> isn't this crazy? >> i have never done this i used to -- i started music as a kid but never did anything because i was a comedy boy then one day i am listening to the radio and i hear this voice of julia fordham's like an angel and i fell in love with her music and we got to be friends and then a little while back i approached her and said here is a crazy idea you want to write a song together i have too much time on my handluckily she said yes and we wrote a song because she is a brilliant writer in addition to being the finest singer on the planet. >> that beautiful voice we were listening to the single there, it has been very well received the video, please, okay, this is the most heart warming video you have seen about service members who sacrifice everything and the families they leave behind can you tell
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us about the single unsung hero and the cd unusual suspects. >> well, i had a fascinating conversation with a woman whose son is serving in afghanistan and prior to that point i really had no reference for what it must be like to even be in the military and out there let alone to hear a mothers perspective and by the end of this conversation, i was humble and drained and i quickly rang paul and said i think i've got something the song unsung hero literally came out of that conversation all the words in it are really everything that came out of her mouth as she is waiting, she has his photographs everywhere hoping he will get hope safely and it really shocked me out of my revelry of thinking how it must be -- how exciting to go on a trip to afghanistan. >> and we always hear we watch the newyou hear about numbers 10,000 troops deployed, or 30,000 those aren't numbers those are people with families you know, and we lose sight of
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that often and so this is really our humble offering to you know, families of service members, every soldier there is a wife and husband and child, children and parents and we have really been moved by the response to this. first time we ever played it was at a benefit out west for an organization wounded warriors, military families and their response was no body has ever sung about us. and we really felt hmm so it was a wonderful experience and the response has been great the music we are performing here tonight. >> at 7:30. >> we are giving all the information we want people to come out. >> will you be cracking joke as well. >> i will be doing a lot of this you know but i have to clarify some body said are you going to sing i said don't worry none of that i will play piano. >> you compose as well. >> we rote the songs together
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and play a lot of julia's greatest hits. >> he plays along. >> try not to bring it to a grinding halt. >> so am i right you studied this in college you were going on this path then what happened? >> i woke up and said what are you nuts? i don't know i just was always -- i played since i was a kid i always played music but i probably started it because i thought this will be easy i didn't know they had courses. i will get my its somewhere after mad about you went off i had some time to really just do what i wanted to do and i started writing music and it was really just a happy accident after years i hasn't seen julia we bumped into each other and there was no intent of doing an album or anything just let's play and suddenly, the songs started coming we had such fun we said let's go play them going town to town knocking on your door
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>> and julia, i have not forgotten you but i have to ask is it hard -- i know on the front of the cover on the back you take the floor shot but on the front you are the vocalist here and paul you are sort of taking the -- >> this is the julia fordham show i get to come along and got the best seat in the house but by the way if you hold up the album it looks a bit like beautiful woman being stocked by a nut. she is trying to -- >> look at the back >> right. >> you are not looking adoringly at him. >> no, she doesn't even realize i am there she is going oh, i love my garden and i am going i am going to make her mine. >> julia, what does it look for you having a partner when you are a solo artist do you have to make an adjustment. >> a big adjustment i was a bit bored and lonely i have done so many albums, 11 albums as a song writer by myself and i had a fantastic thing on the last
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album i did a duet with michael mcdonald. >> he is good too. >> paul you are one of my favorite players. >> any way, yeah, and i just thought i knew paul was an extremely gifted person because he is brilliant you know i loved mad about you when i first came to america i loved the show i found that people who are very creative and excel at one thing, they are often quite brilliant at something else when i heard that paul was interested working with me i immediately googled him he did do very well on his wikipedia page it said he was classically trained pianist and he was a music major. >> i loved even though we were friends she had to run a background check which speaks to the trust. >> because he is like american royalty in the comedy department so i had to know he had the chops before i show up at his house. >> i love it. >> but i loved being a partner and listening and working and
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it is great and much easier i come on talk shows he is adorable and funny. >> really a pleasure to meet you i have enjoyed your work over the years i am excited about learning more about your work with this album i must say state side thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> tonight 7:30 p.m., birch mere in alexandria virginia there is the information there. on our website i urge you go and check it out the cd is unusual suspects, paul riser, julia fordham thank you for coming in today. sorry about that. over to you sarah. >> all right alison thank you >> hundreds of gay couples now legally married in the state of new york onslaught of wedding ceremonies at the stroke of midnight sunday when the new law allowing same-sex marriages kicked in. it is the sixth state to legalize gay marriage the fight over legalization isn't over thousands of protestors rallied
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in several cities around new york. >> coming up the maid accusing dominic strauss-kahn of rape, what she has to say about accusations she could be lying. >> holly. >> i am trying to help snoopy stay cool right about now his big ears are coming in handy i think maybe he is helping me stay cool you can't help but have fun when snoopy is around you know where he is through august 22nd? kings dominion helping fight breast cancer called happiness is finding a cure all we need is you. we will tell you how to come in and get in on the fun. pgh >> first a look at today's trivia question, what unique attachment did greta garbo have installed in her automobile. the answer coming up in just a bit but take a guess on our
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a grizzly bear mauled a group of teens in alaska over the weekend she was with her cub at the time they were participating in a survival skills course 120 miles south of anchorage. the maid accusing dominic strauss-kahn of rape is breaking her silence she told news week she wants the former imf leader to go to jail she maintains he sexually assaulted her working at a posh new york city hotel back in may she is expected to be interviewed by abc news today lawyers for strauss-kahn are calling it an unseemly circus, designed to
9:24 am
enflame public opinion. >> leader of democrats in the house nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics probe of congressman wu accused of engageling in an unwanted sexual encounter pelosi met with him saturday the oregonian newspaper reported he told senior aids there was an encounter last november, he claims it was consensual, the exact age of the girl in question was not given only she graduated from high school in 2010. well, you won't believe it orhey, maybe you will, could brett favre come out of retirement again. >> oh, please. >> well, that is what they are saying details ahead. >> our pet project is all about german shepherds. annie up next with adoption opportunities for you aren't they adorable. don't go any where we are back in a moment ♪
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can we all say, sit groundhog day. brett favre may be coming out of retirement again. >> he is not coming out of retirement alison. >> all right for the philadelphia eagles no less. favre would serve as a back up to michael vick no official word from any of the players involved. >> isn't this how it starts every time. >> my thing is, you are brett favre you are not a back up quarterback. >> true. >> no, exactly. >> that is why -- >> what are you doing. >> he won't do that. >> or will he? >> isn't that like an adrenaline thing >> can't retire don't even bother retiring. >> here is my forecast he will have a long and illustrious career as a sports commentator. >> good looking guy. >> don't keep doing this to us >> don't be a back up. >> plus he took a good beating last couple years. >> right. i wouldn't think so but what
9:29 am
opens you up more if you are winning on the gridiron or sitting there with no pads on taking shots from people about your behaviour. >> very true. >> we will see. >> hard to give up. >> i bet it doesn't happen. >> yeah, it is not going to happen >> i am not going to say. >> what is going to happen it is going to rain. >> can i tell you what paul riser said i said how are you up so early >> i don't want to miss the humidity. >> he is truly not a local boy held know -- >> clearly a comedian. >> humidity available here 24 hours a day. >> i want to show you thunderstorms not far away they are starting to break out western virginia and maryland if you are watching west, you know what i am talking about probably getting rain and splashing out there too, north and west underneath our banner here lightning now, up towards pittsburgh there you go the system is moving in later today, at least the possibility
9:30 am
of rain and thunderstorms, you need it too, dry around here last couple weeks. temperatures in washington, did not bottom out below 80 degrees, we are on the record pace here 85 city, 81 gaithersburg burg here we go again sunshine, frederick, 88 degrees, overnight rain, 81 for you and 80 annapolis cooler today, steamy cloud cover moving in from the north and west high temperatures down only low 90s yeah, that will feel better, yesterday 97 and of course on friday and saturday, 102 regan national low 90s should feel better, that is the only con saw lace in this forecast. there -- consolation in this forecast. >> off to the south and east. a cold front a weak one, i think behind it things will be less humid not cooler but less humid you can see we are starting to get a line of showers and thunderer storms, let's try to time these out for
9:31 am
you, as we get into the afternoon hours these will arrive earlier, 9:00 a.m., i think by 1, 2, we will be in the western viewing area right through the city by 3, 4, 5. pushing out be ready for the possibility of rain and even thunderstorms during the mid-to late afternoon then quiet things down tonight really our only good chance of rain this week after this, high and dry to the end of the week. >> 92 today partly sunny skies humid afternoon thunderstorm and again winds out of the north 5 miles per hour later tonight early storm possible cooler overnight, yeah, 74 in the city not where we should be but better 60s outside the belt way your five day forecast as we get into tomorrow 92 degrees, there you go wednesday, thursday, and friday, we are going to warm up again look at thursday and friday mid-to upper 90s. we are not done with the heat yet. alison and sarah back to you.
9:32 am
all right tucker thank you. >> well, german shepherds are one of the most loyal and intelligent breeds out there why they are used by military police and service work. >> some working dogs are take none by shelters once they retire but some are dropped off due to other circumstances local german shepherds looking for a home. >> good morning that's right. i have a soft spot -- you know i love my little dogs but i have a soft spot for these guys my aunt has one they are very intelligent and loyal dogs and i am being joined by derry ferguson one of the volunteers, foster and trainer virginia german shepherd rescue thanks for being here. >> absolutely. >> if you want to tell us about them these two dillon and pretty, i love that name, are puppies, right but quite big so what are their stories. >> well, dillon, he was an owner surrender he was brought in from a breeder out in north
9:33 am
carolina, and the owner actually got sick and couldn't take care of the dog any more, and so due to those circumstances he called us we went out to southeast dc, and picked him up and so he came to us at about 3 months old so only 12 weeks when he was about this big. >> yeah. >> he came about that stayed with us till we got him newterred he is ready to be adopted. >> pretty over here you picked up over the weekend. >> saturday. this past saturday morning she was taken to the vet for youthization actually, -- euthanization the owners felt she was too high energy for them. >> she is a puppy. >> exactly. they took her there and the vet called us and here she is. >> because they are high energy i would thing you need a big yard -- thing you need a big yard and engage and play with them and that sort of thing. >> training training training. >> they are easy to train because they are so
9:34 am
intelligent. >> what about this one here. >> this is miss isabella she was turned in again an owner surrender, she was turned in from her owners, due to medical bills she was actually run over by a car in her drive way and hurt her hip and the owners just were i guess not financially ready to take care of that she is in the rescue with us now with donations we are going to get her hips fixed she will be good to go. >> great i think there are misconceptions out there rescues have a lot of dogs with behaviour problems or mixed things like that but your shelter or rescue is different how many dogs do you have that are pure breed? >> probably about 90% of our the dogs we take in are pure bred we get in shepherd mixes as well so we don't turn those down, but 90% of ours are at least pure bred puppies as well we get in dogs with papers akc
9:35 am
qualified some ofa qualified hips you don't always have to go to a breeder to get the perfect shepherd. >> do you also take in former military dogs or police canines. >> we do retired military or police dogs if they don't go to the handlers we take those in if they need any behaviour modification we have trainers who will work with the dogs and get them adoptable again. some of them can come with that post traumatic you know stress. >> that's true. >> now you guys have a benefit golf tournament coming up in september folks can sign up now. >> absolutely we are taking donations sponsors from local businesses, people as well can sponsor the program, they can do the golf see the dogs a great fun event to do. >> excellent. >> who doesn't love golf. >> exactly >> i might actually play in this friday september 30th, 4th annual, blue ridge shadows golf club
9:36 am
great go to the website, shepherd >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> back to you sarah and alison. >> they are so adorable and they will be adopted like that. >> my first dog ever was a shepherd called odd job. >> odd job? >> an old james bond reference. >> you have a soft spot for germans. >> beautiful. >> more on the death of singer song writer amy winehouse coming up next pgh >> first another look at today's trivia question what unique attachment did greta garbo have installed in her car. dan? how do you say this? ma what did she have installed a safe -- what did she have installed a safe, make up drawer, iron or culling iron. i wonder if i am right i think
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♪[ music ] oh, that voice. fans remembering singer amy winehouse she was found dead in her london apartment the weekend an autopsy expected the day or tomorrow she had a very public battle with drugalcohol she was just 27 years old. >> so sad here is something creepy, winehouse now joins what some call the 27 club, a list of musicians who died at age 27.
9:41 am
those include curt cobane, jim morrison, janice joplin, jimmy hendrick i had no idea about that until she passed away. >> that is creepy. >> all right. just when you are getting started or -- >> i know too bad. >> well, chances are you owned at least a few you were an avid collector or you stepped on a few maybe, scattered on the living room floor. >> we are talking about. >> they are new, authentic,. >> hoot wheels. >> elliot handler died he cofounded ma tell his wife ruth invented the company's first big hit the barbie doll it was named after their daughter. >> elliot handler came up with hot wheels when ma tell wanted something to appeal the boys the same way it did to girls he passed away july 24th in california. >> what a dynasty. >> absolutely. >> my brothers had the hot wheels i had barbies.
9:42 am
>> new box office leader, captain america, first avenger took in $66 million harry potter and deathly hallows part 2 still bringing in $48 million so far that film grossed over 7 billion worldwide. >> rounding out the top three, friends with benefits. have a little fun and help raise money for breast cancer holly is up next live at kings dominion with more on how to do just that. >> she was asked to perform at the royal wedding, now elli golding is here in studio, here with us she will perform coming up next 3q septic system breakdowns
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komen for the cure partnered up for a great cause this summer. >> holly morris at kings dominion to learn more about the great cause hello holly. >> hello it is a wonderful cause the reason why fox 5 is also sponsoring the kick off which happens today and runs through august 22nd, and has everything to do with you coming out enjoying a fun filled day at kings dominion helping to fight breast cancer in the process it is one of those things where you are hard pressed to meet anyone that doesn't know anyone effected by that disease i know i have several friends effected by it my aunt several years ago, it is one of those things a lot of people want the get into action and do something about it. linda tilter executive director for central virginia affiliate, susan g komen, she joins me by the fountains but i want to talk about events like this one and the three day walk and the difference those really make. >> they make a huge difference
9:47 am
we've actually built our organization on those awareness raising events not only are we raising awareness but we are educating the public giving people who have been touched by cancer a chance to act out participating and making a difference. >> i did the three day walk my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 i did it with my sister and mom and a bunch of friends we all pull together and raised money it was a life changing experience for us as well. >> it is a bonding experience 3 days, 20 miles a day camping out together and you are with a lot of other people just as passionate as you are. it is a wonderful way to both raise funds and be active. >> you don't have to walk 60 miles do something like that or spend a day at kings dominion. >> do that as well or participate in one of the affiliate races. >> there are lots of options remember every time you do something like that it does make a difference that is the
9:48 am
bottom line it is not for nought not just for show it is making a difference i want to bring ed back in director of sales and marketing for kings dominion, we have been talking about the difference everyone can make i want to review all the different ways people can support the cause. >> three ways holly number one, come out to the park or go online at happiness, kings and purchase a floating snoopy. >> got to get a plug there. >> buy one of the t-shirts i presented you with earlier today here at the park or just purchase discounted tickets at kings where $1 goes backings on every purchase today through august 22nd. >> so all these snoopies you see here these are ones people are purchased in advance, so let's go, the park doesn't open until 10:00 a.m. because you are watching fox 5 you are getting to see our
9:49 am
first launch are we doing this together? take a look at that. if only i was one of those little plastic snoopy, that is the thing ed i think ed tossed his phone in there oh, you tossed your phone in. oh, no. >> that's okay. >> all for the cause. >> all for the cause. >> all for the cause. >> and each little one of those you see floating there, is a chance to win a brand new car the type of car. >> 2011 honda civic curtty of pohanka honda fredericks burg. >> the winner will be drawn august 22nd it is $5. >> buy more than five it is $4 a piece. >> we've spotted the phone as well. >> we will get the skimmer. >> one casualty not a big deal all for a good cause and all starts today, our website we have a link to kings
9:50 am
dominion come out enjoy a day of family fun help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer now through august 22nd back to you in studio. >> never a dull morning for you thanks you. >> 2010 was quite a year for ellie golding her debut album lights hit number one and she was personally asked by william and kate to play at the royal wedding joining us live in studio, singer and song writer ellie golding. >> thanks for having me. >> everybody wants to know, you were invited to sing at william and kate's wedding how did that come about? >> well, i met prince william about a year ago at festival and he was watching my set and then i guess he became a fan and then they asked me awhile back and i just didn't tell anyone. >> i bet that was a difficult secret to keep how did it feel to be there singing and performing for them?
9:51 am
>> um, pretty incredible like very very surreal that is the only word i can thing of to describe it just one of those things you are like this is kind of crazy. >> it has got to be i know i wanted to mention too, starry eyed one of your songs is one of the songs you sang at the wedding as well just had to be a magnificent experience as you were mentioning something that i thought was interesting as well, when i was reading up on you, you taught yourself to sing and play guitar, that seems like a difficult thing to do you didn't have any help at all really? just figured it out on your own. >> i was singing from a really really young age just around the house and then i played a few instruments along the way clarinet and various other things and then, i stuck with guitar at the time it was the coolst thing to play but then i fell in love wit i would play every single night and my friends would do other stuff and i would be a geek and stay in my room. >> you are a successful geek.
9:52 am
>> thanks. >> how did you break into the business. >> i just at one point, got a manager and started doing gigs all over london for two years and played like two people, ten people, thirty people eventually i got picked up by a record label, and then it all kind of started happening quite fast actually. >> all right well, congratulations we want to let people know you will be performing thursday. >> here tonight. >> tonight. >> at the 9:30 club >> i think there is a few tickets left. >> they will go quickly especially when they hear you sing. you are going to perform lights from your album lights take it away ellie golding. ♪ [ music ]
9:53 am
♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ]
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♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] my name is ashley.
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i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that brilliant shine. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free. hey, do you have a question you would like answered by me,
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i have missed this segment tucker you have too. >> i have a few questions for you. >> i answer questions on a variety of topics, family, relationship we answer questions during the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> speaking of questions today's trivia question answer, what detachment did greta gash bow have installed in her automobile. >> she had six installed. >> six. >> normally i do a five day forecast we have a special guest who will take it away. >> elle did you want to do this? >> how? >> 90s. >> it is in the 90s so it is quite hot. that is all you need to know. >> is this this hot anyone? >> absolutely not. it has been tough. >> what is hot is y
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